Pain Relief for Lower Back

When you have back pain, ask yourself the following questions: should you continue your daily physical or sporting activities? or keep the position lying down? Generally, it is advisable not to change his habits when the pain is sharp and then attenuated during the day with lower back pain. Continuing with your daily and physical activities is essential because the lying position is far from relieving low back pain. Conversely, there is a risk that the pain increases and the symptoms worsen. If back pain is due to stress causing muscle contractures, try to relax and relax with relaxation methods. This will relieve back pain.

You also have the choice between one of the following methods


Principles of osteopathy

Osteopathy is a method that began in 1874 thanks to the American doctor Andrew Taylor Still. His concepts come from ancient Greek and Egyptian medicine as well as from Renaissance medicine. This doctor formulates the postulate according to which “the structure governs the function”. According to him, the maintenance of health is a balance between the bone structure, the nervous system, muscular and circulatory.

Osteopathy thus starts from the body structure whose mechanics can be altered in order to correct the disorder in question. This, to lead to self-healing of the body. It is both curative and preventive and aims at the rebalancing between osteo-articular and visceral structures having lost their mobility. This method considers that all parts of the body are connected to each other. The treatment is based on pressure techniques, stretching techniques as well as vertebral and sometimes cranial manipulations.

The pathologies treated concern diseases of the spine such as sciatica, lumbago, torticollis, back pain and scapula pain, etc. Problems like headaches or dizziness, anxiety, sleep disorders, asthma, etc.



Backache: Chiropractic

Chiropractic treats the symptoms related to disorders of the spine. It focuses on joints with reduced mobility and restores their movement. This makes it possible to remove the mechanical blockages of the neuro-musculoskeletal system of the back. Chiropractic relies on the innate intelligence of the body. To do this, the therapist exerts a movement, this pressure creates a vibration in the body to push him to react.

Then, with the hands or small instruments, the chiropractor adjusts. These adjustments are made in small, energetic and rapid pushes, under a controlled force in a particular direction. To force the joint to resume a normal position, the thrust sometimes induces a crack. However, it always remains within the physiological limits of the joint. The duration of a session varies between 15 and 45 minutes.

Physical activity

Physical exercise can also help maintain an ideal weight. Weighting exercises can help maintain bone density. For example, physical activity can reduce the risk of developing two conditions that may lead to lower back pain, osteoporosis, and obesity.

Maintaining a correct posture

Maintaining a correct posture while standing or sitting reduces strain on the back. The slumped position should be avoided. The chair can be adjusted to a height that allows the feet to rest flat on the floor, knees slightly bent and the back well supported on the backrest. If the chair does not support the lumbar, you can place a cushion behind your back. It is desirable to sit with your feet on the floor, rather than having your legs crossed. In addition, standing or prolonged sitting should be avoided. If these standing or extended sitting positions cannot be avoided, a frequent change of position may reduce tension on the back.

Sleep in comfortable position

It is recommended to sleep in a comfortable position and on a moderately firm mattress. People who sleep on their backs can place a cushion under their knees. People who sleep on their side can use a pillow to keep their head in a neutral position (not leaning towards the bed or the ceiling). They should place another pillow between their knees and slightly flex the hips and knees if this relieves back pain.

Prevent lower back pain with CBD

Include CBD oil into your diet, used as a dietary supplement is a natural painkiller that can replace synthetic drugs with the same properties. Thus, it helps relieve back problems or pain in the lower back. The advantage with this dietary supplement is that besides being effective, it does not cause any side effects. Even used in the long term, there is no known risk to health as with synthetic drugs. It is a food supplement that has known properties on muscle contractures, fybromalgia, anxiety … And many online stores offer it legally in France.

Sometimes back pain can come from inflammation. If this type of pain is not supported over time, it can lead to serious health consequences. Thanks to CBD which is a natural anti-inflammatory, a long-lasting backache can be relieved quickly. The cannabinoid used as a dietary supplement could treat inflammation and thereby eliminate the pain. Of course, if your back pain is chronic or persists over time, you should consult your doctor, and in any case the taking of CBD in any form whatsoever should replace a medical or pharmaceutical opinion. Nevertheless, readers told us about their experiences, where CBD oil relieved the pain of a lumbago created by a false movement or a period of intense stress.

The most effective way to prevent low back pain is to exercise regularly. Aerobic activities as well as specific muscle building and stretching exercises can be helpful.

Aerobic activities, such as swimming or walking, improve overall well-being and strengthen muscle tone.

Some strengthening and stretching exercises of the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and back (central muscles) can help stabilize the spine and reduce tension on the discs that protect the spine, as well as on the ligaments that hold it in place.

Muscle strengthening exercises include pelvic tilt or abdominal flexions. Stretching exercises include stretching the knees on the chest. Stretching exercises can increase back pain in some people and should therefore be done with caution. In general, any exercise that causes or aggravates back pain should be stopped. The exercises should be repeated until the perception of mild muscle fatigue, but not beyond. It is important to breathe well throughout the exercise. People with back pain should seek medical advice before starting physical activity.