Best Equipment That Help with Lower Back Pain Issues

Back pain is a scourge of which about 80% of French people will be affected in their lifetime.If that is the case for you no need to worry, we have done some research and we found the best product that can really help yourelief back pain and live pain free.

Discover how to choose the best belt, it is important not to choose this equipment at random. We all have a different morphology, lifestyle and back problems. It is therefore essential to equip yourself accordingly.


Prevent and treat back pain with the lumbar belt

The lumbar support belt is a very effective equipment to fight against back pain.

 If you suffer from back pain from time to time, it may be worthwhile to use a lumbar belt. Indeed, it can prevent back pain and pathologies. For example, if you are feeling some tension at work lately and you know that it tends to end in lower back pain, it may be a good idea to use a restraint belt to limit the damage. In the same way, if you have to carry heavy loads during a move, which is not indicated at all in cases of back pain, you can also wear a lumbar belt to protect your back.

This belt is not only preventive. Indeed, it can also be used in the treatment of back pain. Whether you suffer from chronic or accidental back pain, sciatica, herniated disc, lordosis or scoliosis, this equipment will bring you great comfort in everyday life while treating your pain.

Whether you want to prevent or treat your back pain, you will not be able to do without your lumbar support belt. Thanks to the latter, you can easily adopt a better posture in daily life.

Back Electrical Stimulator

The back electrostimulator is by definition an apparatus capable of reproducing the process of contraction and relaxation of the muscle. It operates using an electric current delivered via electrodes positioned on the skin, at the level of the areas to be worked. This anti-pain device allows many applications, such as healthy muscle stimulation (NMES), ionization (galvanic current) or analgesic treatment (TENS).


Acupressure mat takes the form of a therapeutic mattress, covered with spikes or plastic points, which under the effect of the weight of the body, and exerts a simultaneous pressure on more than 5,000 dorsal system points. This action generates three health benefits, including the triggering of endorphin secretion, the stimulation of blood circulation and the deep relaxation of the muscles of the back and the entire nervous system. In general, the carpet of flowers is suitable for people suffering from various pathologies such as those related to osteoarthritis, low back pain or sciatica. This painkiller is also for people who work in front of their computer, and those who drive several kilometers each day (representatives, salesmen, truck drivers, etc.). Lumbar belts are also a great way to relieve your back daily by improving your posture.

The Inversion Table

An inversion table is a pain device equipped with a rocking board. The latter is supported by a robust metal frame that allows tilting at different angles. The inversion table is recommended to prevent, but also to heal all kinds of back pain: herniated disc, muscle spasms, etc. Its mode of operation is simple. The user must adjust the bench to its size, and place on it. Once his feet and ankles are securely held by a clever fastening system, he tilts back safely: his head toward the ground and his feet toward the ceiling. In this position, the gravity force usually supported by the back is attenuated, which has the effect of reducing the residual tension felt on the spine, discs and vertebrae. It should be known that depending on the angle of inclination chosen, the user will benefit from a more or less intense stretching of the spine. Find our range of anti-pain products by clicking here.

Heating Pad

Relax the tension of your muscles related to stress or sport … using warm compresses including the most sensitive areas of your back as the neck, the shoulder. It’s thermotherapy.

Fight against the inflammation of your joints by the cold thanks to our cold compresses. It’s cryotherapy.

For your well-being, sit comfortably in a relax chair with a heating blanket, a heating pad, a bed warmer, heated slippers, a hot water bottle. Feeling well warm greatly increases your well-being.

There is any type of heating pad, for the back, for the neck and even sometimes both in one, like our flagship hot water bottle: the boil of peat in velvet!

They have many benefits for people suffering from these parts of the body. When you have regular back pain, the heating pad may be a useful ally. The heat released by the cushion will allow your blood circulation to pass better, so the pain can quickly fade. It is the same with those for the neck, this flow of regular soft heat will soothe you.